Imagine this…

You wake up on a winters morning, go outside to drive to the station to catch a train to work. To your dismay you realise your car has frozen over and it is going to take at least 15 minutes to defrost, making you late for your train and for work. Unhappy Boss... unhappy you. You then arrive at the Station, queue for ages to get into the car park, spend 10 minutes looking for a space, then pay an extortionate amount to leave your car for one day.

Now imagine this….

You wake up on a winters morning, go outside to be greeted by a warm car and a friendly driver. You then have a pleasant journey to the station, arriving in time to catch your train, and be on time for work. Happy Boss… happy you. No defrosting, no queuing and no paying extortionate car par charges.' Prefer scenario two? Who wouldn't…?

Welcome to our home2train service. If you live within three miles of York Train Station, the daily return cost from your home will be no more than the daily car park charge at the Station. Saving you money on parking and fuel too!

Also… if you book within our recommended limits, and you miss your train, we will reimburse you for your journey and ensure you still arrive at your desired destination.

For more information call our office on 01904 623332 and ask for our home2train service.