Taxi Licensing & Staying Safe

York Station Taxis, known as Hackney Carriages, are available at taxi ranks. You can also hail them in the street or book them by telephoning our operators. Private Hire cars cannot wait at taxi ranks or stop and pick you up if you hail them. They can only be booked through an operator. Beware of any car which stops to pick you up if it's not a licensed taxi or it has not been booked by telephone. You can get the telephone number for York Station Taxis from the Yellow Pages under Taxis and Private Hire vehicles or from our website.

York Station taxis are all black, varying from 4 seaters to 7, with a large roof sign with the words TAXI on the front. All vehicles have the council's logo and the words Hackney carriage on the front doors. A plate on the back of the taxi gives its licence number and drivers must display a council issued badge in the taxi. Remember these are the only vehicles which can stop and pick you up if you hail them in the street.

For extra security, have a look at our ‘Meet the team’ page and familiarise yourself with our drivers.